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Scoring Right

Scoring Right Scoreboard – Padel Scoreboard

Scoring Right Scoreboard – Padel Scoreboard

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Scoring Right Scoreboard is the best solution to keep track of the score during your padel match.

This scoreboard makes it easy to keep track of points, games and sets.

Discussions about the score are a thing of the past, as you can adjust the ball on the scoreboard for each point.

See the score at a glance and never forget which side of the court you have to serve from thanks to the colors at the points.


The Scoring Right Scoreboard is attached to the inside or outside of your racket neck.

Weighing less than 1.9g this will have no effect at all on the balance of your racket or your game.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully when confirming.

The Scoring Right Padel Scoreboard must be attached correctly to experience optimal performance.

ITF approved:

Scoring Right is the first and only ITF-compliant scoreboard that can be attached to a racket .

Because we have approval from the ITF, you can even use this scoreboard during official competitions.

To colour:

The Padel Scoreboard is available in black and white.

This way you always have a color that matches your racket.

Colour: Black and white
Material: Plastic
Dimensions Scoreboard: 8x2cm
Dimensions Set Score: 3x2cm
Weight: 1.9 grams

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