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Cooling Towel by Padelgadgets

Cooling Towel by Padelgadgets

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The Padelgadgets Cooling Towel is stylish, sporty and super lightweight, so that you retain all your freedom of movement.

This cooling cloth gives you wonderful fresh coolness for a few hours. The cooling towel is simple and quick to activate!

All you have to do is immerse it in cold water for 20 seconds, wring it out, and shake it out and it is ready to use.

If it no longer feels fresh enough, simply repeat the steps for reactivation.

Ideal for all your sporting activities, such as Padel of course, because it can get quite hot on the court, but it can also give you relief from migraines, fever, insect bites and act as an intermediate layer in combination with a cold pack for sprains.

For extra cooling, you can activate the Padelgadgets Cooling Towel in the refrigerator before using it.

Dimensions: 30cm by 100cm

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